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F.A. Cup competition results from 1988/1989

A full listing of matches played in the competition throughout the season

Available competitions and seasons   
Saturday, 20th May 1989
Liverpool (DIV1)3Everton (DIV1)2
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1; played at Wembley
Semi Final
Saturday, 15th April 1989
Everton (DIV1)1Norwich City (DIV1)0
played at Villa Park
Sunday, 7th May 1989
Liverpool (DIV1)3Nottingham Forest (DIV1)1
played at Old Trafford
6th Round Replay
Wednesday, 22nd March 1989
Norwich City (DIV1)3West Ham United (DIV1)1
6th Round
Saturday, 18th March 1989
Liverpool (DIV1)4Brentford (DIV3)0
Manchester United (DIV1)0Nottingham Forest (DIV1)1
West Ham United (DIV1)0Norwich City (DIV1)0
Sunday, 19th March 1989
Everton (DIV1)1Wimbledon (DIV1)0
5th Round Replay
Wednesday, 22nd February 1989
Manchester United (DIV1)1AFC Bournemouth (DIV2)0
5th Round
Saturday, 18th February 1989
AFC Bournemouth (DIV2)1Manchester United (DIV1)1
Barnsley (DIV2)0Everton (DIV1)1
Blackburn Rovers (DIV2)0Brentford (DIV3)2
Charlton Athletic (DIV1)0West Ham United (DIV1)1
Hull City (DIV2)2Liverpool (DIV1)3
Norwich City (DIV1)3Sheffield United (DIV3)2
Wimbledon (DIV1)3Grimsby Town (DIV4)1
Sunday, 19th February 1989
Watford (DIV2)0Nottingham Forest (DIV1)3
4th Round Replay
Tuesday, 31st January 1989
AFC Bournemouth (DIV2)5Hartlepool United (DIV4)2
Barnsley (DIV2)2Stoke City (DIV2)1
Colchester United (DIV4)0Sheffield United (DIV3)2
Everton (DIV1)4Plymouth Argyle (DIV2)0
Wednesday, 1st February 1989
Reading (DIV3)1Grimsby Town (DIV4)2
West Ham United (DIV1)1Swindon Town (DIV2)0
4th Round
Saturday, 28th January 1989
Aston Villa (DIV1)0Wimbledon (DIV1)1
Blackburn Rovers (DIV2)2Sheffield Wednesday (DIV1)1
Bradford City (DIV2)1Hull City (DIV2)2
Brentford (DIV3)3Manchester City (DIV2)1
Charlton Athletic (DIV1)2Kettering Town (CONF)1
Grimsby Town (DIV4)1Reading (DIV3)1
Hartlepool United (DIV4)1AFC Bournemouth (DIV2)1
Manchester United (DIV1)4Oxford United (DIV2)0
Norwich City (DIV1)8Sutton United (CONF)0
Nottingham Forest (DIV1)2Leeds United (DIV2)0
Plymouth Argyle (DIV2)1Everton (DIV1)1
Sheffield United (DIV3)3Colchester United (DIV4)3
Stoke City (DIV2)3Barnsley (DIV2)3
Swindon Town (DIV2)0West Ham United (DIV1)0
Watford (DIV2)2Derby County (DIV1)1
Sunday, 29th January 1989
Millwall (DIV1)0Liverpool (DIV1)2
3rd Round 3rd Replay
Wednesday, 18th January 1989
Watford (DIV2)1Newcastle United (DIV1)0
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0
3rd Round 2nd Replay
Monday, 16th January 1989
Newcastle United (DIV1)0Watford (DIV2)0
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0
Monday, 23rd January 1989
Manchester United (DIV1)3Queens Park Rangers (DIV1)0
3rd Round Replay
Tuesday, 10th January 1989
Brentford (DIV3)1Walsall (DIV2)0
Halifax Town (DIV4)2Kettering Town (CONF)3
Southampton (DIV1)1Derby County (DIV1)2
after extra time, 90 minutes ?-?
Swindon Town (DIV2)2Portsmouth (DIV2)0
Watford (DIV2)2Newcastle United (DIV1)2
after extra time, 90 minutes ?-?
Wednesday, 11th January 1989
Arsenal (DIV1)0West Ham United (DIV1)1
Everton (DIV1)1West Bromwich Albion (DIV2)0
Oxford United (DIV2)2Sunderland (DIV2)0
Queens Park Rangers (DIV1)2Manchester United (DIV1)2
after extra time, 90 minutes ?-?
Reading (DIV3)2Tranmere Rovers (DIV4)1
3rd Round
Saturday, 7th January 1989
Barnsley (DIV2)4Chelsea (DIV2)0
Birmingham City (DIV2)0Wimbledon (DIV1)1
Blackpool (DIV3)0AFC Bournemouth (DIV2)1
Bradford City (DIV2)1Tottenham Hotspur (DIV1)0
Brighton & Hove Albion (DIV2)1Leeds United (DIV2)2
Cardiff City (DIV3)1Hull City (DIV2)2
Carlisle United (DIV4)0Liverpool (DIV1)318,556
Charlton Athletic (DIV1)2Oldham Athletic (DIV2)1
Crewe Alexandra (DIV4)2Aston Villa (DIV1)3
Derby County (DIV1)1Southampton (DIV1)1
Hartlepool United (DIV4)1Bristol City (DIV3)0
Huddersfield Town (DIV3)0Sheffield United (DIV3)1
Kettering Town (CONF)1Halifax Town (DIV4)1
Manchester City (DIV2)1Leicester City (DIV2)0
Manchester United (DIV1)0Queens Park Rangers (DIV1)0
Middlesbrough (DIV1)1Grimsby Town (DIV4)2
Millwall (DIV1)3Luton Town (DIV1)2
Newcastle United (DIV1)0Watford (DIV2)0
Nottingham Forest (DIV1)3Ipswich Town (DIV2)0
Plymouth Argyle (DIV2)2Cambridge United (DIV4)0
Portsmouth (DIV2)1Swindon Town (DIV2)1
Sheffield Wednesday (DIV1)5Torquay United (DIV4)1
Shrewsbury Town (DIV2)0Colchester United (DIV4)3
Stoke City (DIV2)1Crystal Palace (DIV2)0
Sunderland (DIV2)1Oxford United (DIV2)1
Sutton United (CONF)2Coventry City (DIV1)1
Tranmere Rovers (DIV4)1Reading (DIV3)1
Walsall (DIV2)1Brentford (DIV3)1
Welling United (CONF)0Blackburn Rovers (DIV2)1
West Bromwich Albion (DIV2)1Everton (DIV1)1
Sunday, 8th January 1989
Port Vale (DIV3)1Norwich City (DIV1)3
West Ham United (DIV1)2Arsenal (DIV1)2
2nd Round 3rd Replay
Thursday, 22nd December 1988
Bristol City (DIV3)1Aldershot (DIV3)0
2nd Round 2nd Replay
Tuesday, 20th December 1988
Aldershot (DIV3)2Bristol City (DIV3)2
after extra time, 90 minutes ?-?
2nd Round Replay
Tuesday, 13th December 1988
Bristol City (DIV3)0Aldershot (DIV3)0
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0
Swansea City (DIV3)1Colchester United (DIV4)3
Wednesday, 14th December 1988
Brentford (DIV3)3Peterborough United (DIV4)2
Maidstone United (CONF)1Reading (DIV3)2
Torquay United (DIV4)1Yeovil Town (CONF)0
Welling United (CONF)3Bath City (N/L)2
2nd Round
Saturday, 10th December 1988
Aldershot (DIV3)1Bristol City (DIV3)1
Altrincham (CONF)0Halifax Town (DIV4)3
Aylesbury United (CONF)0Sutton United (CONF)1
Bath City (N/L)0Welling United (CONF)0
Blackpool (DIV3)3Bury (DIV3)0
Bognor Regis Town (N/L)1Cambridge United (DIV4)0
Bolton Wanderers (DIV3)1Port Vale (DIV3)2
Colchester United (DIV4)2Swansea City (DIV3)2
Grimsby Town (DIV4)3Rotherham United (DIV4)2
Hartlepool United (DIV4)1Notts. County (DIV3)0
Huddersfield Town (DIV3)1Chester City (DIV3)0
Kettering Town (CONF)2Bristol Rovers (DIV3)1
Northwich Victoria (CONF)1Tranmere Rovers (DIV4)2
Peterborough United (DIV4)0Brentford (DIV3)0
Reading (DIV3)1Maidstone United (CONF)1
Runcorn FC Halton (CONF)0Crewe Alexandra (DIV4)3
Scarborough (DIV4)0Carlisle United (DIV4)12,849
Yeovil Town (CONF)1Torquay United (DIV4)1
Sunday, 11th December 1988
Doncaster Rovers (DIV4)1Sheffield United (DIV3)3
Enfield (CONF)1Cardiff City (DIV3)4
1st Round 2nd Replay
Monday, 28th November 1988
Leyton Orient (DIV4)0Enfield (CONF)1
1st Round Replay
Tuesday, 22nd November 1988
Brandon United (N/L)1Doncaster Rovers (DIV4)2
Carlisle United (DIV4)4Telford United (CONF)12,833
Crewe Alexandra (DIV4)3Stafford Rangers (CONF)2
Sheffield United (DIV3)2Mansfield Town (DIV3)1
Tranmere Rovers (DIV4)3Preston North End (DIV3)0
Wrexham (DIV4)2Runcorn FC Halton (CONF)3
Wednesday, 23rd November 1988
Fareham Town (N/L)2Torquay United (DIV4)3
Leyton Orient (DIV4)2Enfield (CONF)2
after extra time, 90 minutes ?-?
Peterborough United (DIV4)1Gillingham (DIV3)0
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0
Monday, 28th November 1988
Chesterfield (DIV3)2Bolton Wanderers (DIV3)3
Rochdale (DIV4)3Huddersfield Town (DIV3)4
1st Round
Saturday, 19th November 1988
Aldershot (DIV3)1Hayes (N/L)0
Altrincham (CONF)3Lincoln City (DIV4)2
Bath City (N/L)2Grays Athletic (N/L)0
Blackpool (DIV3)2Scunthorpe United (DIV4)1
Bognor Regis Town (N/L)2Exeter City (DIV4)1
Bolton Wanderers (DIV3)0Chesterfield (DIV3)0
Brentford (DIV3)2Halesowen Town (N/L)0
Bristol City (DIV3)3Southend United (DIV3)1
Burnley (DIV4)0Chester City (DIV3)28,474
Cardiff City (DIV3)3Hereford United (DIV4)0
Dagenham (N/L)0Sutton United (CONF)4
Darlington (DIV4)1Notts. County (DIV3)2
Doncaster Rovers (DIV4)0Brandon United (N/L)0
Enfield (CONF)1Leyton Orient (DIV4)1
Frickley Athletic (N/L)0Northwich Victoria (CONF)2
Fulham (DIV3)0Colchester United (DIV4)1
Gillingham (DIV3)3Peterborough United (DIV4)3
Grimsby Town (DIV4)1Wolverhampton Wanderers (DIV3)0
Guisborough Town (N/L)0Bury (DIV3)1
Guisborough Town's home tie played at neutral ground
Halifax Town (DIV4)1York City (DIV4)0
Hartlepool United (DIV4)2Wigan Athletic (DIV3)0
Huddersfield Town (DIV3)1Rochdale (DIV4)1
Kettering Town (CONF)2Dartford (N/L)1
Mansfield Town (DIV3)1Sheffield United (DIV3)1
Newport County (N/L)1Maidstone United (CONF)2
Preston North End (DIV3)1Tranmere Rovers (DIV4)1
Reading (DIV3)4Hendon (N/L)2
Rotherham United (DIV4)3Barrow (N/L)1
Runcorn FC Halton (CONF)2Wrexham (DIV4)2
Scarborough (DIV4)2Stockport County (DIV4)1
Southport (N/L)0Port Vale (DIV3)2
Stafford Rangers (CONF)2Crewe Alexandra (DIV4)2
Swansea City (DIV3)3Northampton Town (DIV3)1
Telford United (CONF)1Carlisle United (DIV4)12,163
Torquay United (DIV4)2Fareham Town (N/L)2
Waterlooville (N/L)1Aylesbury United (CONF)4
Welling United (CONF)3Bromsgrove Rovers (N/L)0
Woking (N/L)1Cambridge United (DIV4)4
Yeovil Town (CONF)3Merthyr Tydfil (N/L)2
Sunday, 20th November 1988
Bristol Rovers (DIV3)3Fisher Athletic (CONF)0