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League Cup competition results from 1998/1999

A full listing of matches played in the competition throughout the season

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Sunday, 21st March 1999
Leicester City (PREM)0Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)177,892
played at Wembley
Semi Final 2nd Leg
Tuesday, 16th February 1999
Wimbledon (PREM)0Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)125,204
Tottenham Hotspur won 1-0 on aggregate
Wednesday, 17th February 1999
Leicester City (PREM)1Sunderland (LD1)121,231
Leicester City won 3-2 on aggregate
Semi Final 1st Leg
Tuesday, 26th January 1999
Sunderland (LD1)1Leicester City (PREM)238,332
Wednesday, 27th January 1999
Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)0Wimbledon (PREM)035,997
Quarter Final
Tuesday, 1st December 1998
Sunderland (LD1)3Luton Town (LD2)035,742
Wimbledon (PREM)2Chelsea (PREM)119,286
Wednesday, 2nd December 1998
Leicester City (PREM)1Blackburn Rovers (PREM)019,442
Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)3Manchester United (PREM)135,702
4th Round
Tuesday, 10th November 1998
Bolton Wanderers (LD1)1Wimbledon (PREM)27,868
Liverpool (PREM)1Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)320,772
Luton Town (LD2)1Barnsley (LD1)08,435
Wednesday, 11th November 1998
Arsenal (PREM)0Chelsea (PREM)537,562
Everton (PREM)1Sunderland (LD1)128,132
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Sunderland won 5-4 on penalties
Leicester City (PREM)2Leeds United (PREM)120,161
Manchester United (PREM)2Nottingham Forest (PREM)137,237
Newcastle United (PREM)1Blackburn Rovers (PREM)134,702
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Blackburn Rovers won 4-2 on penalties
3rd Round
Tuesday, 27th October 1998
Barnsley (LD1)2AFC Bournemouth (LD2)18,560
Charlton Athletic (PREM)1Leicester City (PREM)219,671
Liverpool (PREM)3Fulham (LD2)122,296
Luton Town (LD2)2Coventry City (PREM)09,051
Northampton Town (LD2)1Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)37,422
Norwich City (LD1)1Bolton Wanderers (LD1)114,189
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, Bolton Wanderers won 3-1 on penalties
Nottingham Forest (PREM)3Cambridge United (LD3)39,192
after extra time, 90 minutes 3-3, Nottingham Forest won 4-3 on penalties
Sunderland (LD1)2Grimsby Town (LD1)118,676
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
Tranmere Rovers (LD1)0Newcastle United (PREM)112,017
Wednesday, 28th October 1998
Birmingham City (LD1)1Wimbledon (PREM)211,845
Chelsea (PREM)4Aston Villa (PREM)126,790
Crewe Alexandra (LD1)0Blackburn Rovers (PREM)15,403
Derby County (PREM)1Arsenal (PREM)225,621
Leeds United (PREM)1Bradford City (LD1)027,561
Manchester United (PREM)2Bury (LD1)052,495
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0
Middlesbrough (PREM)2Everton (PREM)320,748
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
2nd Round 2nd Leg
Tuesday, 22nd September 1998
Birmingham City (LD1)6Macclesfield Town (LD2)03,443
Birmingham City won 9-0 on aggregate
Bradford City (LD1)3Halifax Town (LD3)16,237
Bradford City won 5-2 on aggregate
Cambridge United (LD3)1Sheffield Wednesday (PREM)18,502
Cambridge United won 2-1 on aggregate
Charlton Athletic (PREM)1Queens Park Rangers (LD1)011,726
Charlton Athletic won 3-0 on aggregate
Chester City (LD3)0Sunderland (LD1)12,738
Sunderland won 4-0 on aggregate
Chesterfield (LD2)1Leicester City (PREM)34,565
Leicester City won 6-1 on aggregate
Crewe Alexandra (LD1)2Bristol City (LD1)03,089
Crewe Alexandra won 3-1 on aggregate
Grimsby Town (LD1)2Sheffield United (LD1)04,287
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-0, Grimsby Town won 3-2 on aggregate
Hull City (LD3)2Bolton Wanderers (LD1)34,226
Bolton Wanderers won 6-3 on aggregate
Luton Town (LD2)4Ipswich Town (LD1)25,665
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-1, Luton Town won 5-4 on aggregate
Nottingham Forest (PREM)0Leyton Orient (LD3)06,382
Nottingham Forest won 5-1 on aggregate
Southend United (LD3)0Coventry City (PREM)46,292
Coventry City won 5-0 on aggregate
Tranmere Rovers (LD1)3Blackpool (LD2)15,765
Tranmere Rovers won 4-3 on aggregate
West Ham United (PREM)1Northampton Town (LD2)025,435
Northampton Town won 2-1 on aggregate
Wigan Athletic (LD2)2Norwich City (LD1)33,402
Norwich City won 4-2 on aggregate
Wimbledon (PREM)4Portsmouth (LD1)13,756
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-1, Wimbledon won 5-3 on aggregate
Wolverhampton Wanderers (LD1)1AFC Bournemouth (LD2)215,431
Bournemouth won 3-2 on aggregate
Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)1Middlesbrough (PREM)15,698
Middlesbrough won 3-1 on aggregate
Wednesday, 23rd September 1998
Crystal Palace (LD1)2Bury (LD1)13,546
Bury won 4-2 on aggregate
Everton (PREM)2Huddersfield Town (LD1)118,718
Everton won 3-2 on aggregate
Manchester City (LD2)0Derby County (PREM)119,622
Derby County won 2-1 on aggregate
Reading (LD2)1Barnsley (LD1)16,983
Barnsley won 4-1 on aggregate
Southampton (PREM)0Fulham (LD2)111,645
Fulham won 2-1 on aggregate
Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)3Brentford (LD3)222,980
Tottenham Hotspur won 6-4 on aggregate
2nd Round 1st Leg
Tuesday, 15th September 1998
AFC Bournemouth (LD2)1Wolverhampton Wanderers (LD1)17,096
Barnsley (LD1)3Reading (LD2)07,840
Blackpool (LD2)2Tranmere Rovers (LD1)13,954
Bolton Wanderers (LD1)3Hull City (LD3)17,544
Brentford (LD3)2Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)311,831
Bury (LD1)3Crystal Palace (LD1)02,780
Fulham (LD2)1Southampton (PREM)110,222
Halifax Town (LD3)1Bradford City (LD1)25,714
Huddersfield Town (LD1)1Everton (PREM)115,395
Ipswich Town (LD1)2Luton Town (LD2)19,032
Leyton Orient (LD3)1Nottingham Forest (PREM)54,906
Macclesfield Town (LD2)0Birmingham City (LD1)32,275
Northampton Town (LD2)2West Ham United (PREM)07,254
Portsmouth (LD1)2Wimbledon (PREM)17,010
Sheffield United (LD1)2Grimsby Town (LD1)14,689
Sunderland (LD1)3Chester City (LD3)020,618
Wednesday, 16th September 1998
Bristol City (LD1)1Crewe Alexandra (LD1)13,082
Coventry City (PREM)1Southend United (LD3)06,631
Derby County (PREM)1Manchester City (LD2)122,986
Leicester City (PREM)3Chesterfield (LD2)013,480
Middlesbrough (PREM)2Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)011,531
Norwich City (LD1)1Wigan Athletic (LD2)011,426
Queens Park Rangers (LD1)0Charlton Athletic (PREM)26,497
Sheffield Wednesday (PREM)0Cambridge United (LD3)18,921
1st Round 2nd Leg
Tuesday, 18th August 1998
Barnsley (LD1)3Scarborough (LD3)07,978
Barnsley won 4-0 on aggregate
Brentford (LD3)3West Bromwich Albion (LD1)04,664
Brentford won 4-2 on aggregate
Bristol Rovers (LD2)1Leyton Orient (LD3)24,235
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Leyton Orient won 3-2 on aggregate
Burnley (LD2)1Bury (LD1)45,453
Bury won 5-2 on aggregate
Cardiff City (LD3)1Fulham (LD2)24,768
Fulham won 4-2 on aggregate
Carlisle United (LD3)0Tranmere Rovers (LD1)12,106
Tranmere Rovers won 4-0 on aggregate
Chester City (LD3)2Port Vale (LD1)22,461
Chester City won 4-3 on aggregate
Chesterfield (LD2)2Rotherham United (LD3)03,487
Chesterfield won 3-0 on aggregate
Colchester United (LD2)3AFC Bournemouth (LD2)22,550
Bournemouth won 4-3 on aggregate
Crewe Alexandra (LD1)2Oldham Athletic (LD2)03,428
Crewe Alexandra won 4-3 on aggregate
Darlington (LD3)2Sheffield United (LD1)23,756
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-0, Sheffield United won 5-3 on aggregate
Gillingham (LD2)0Southend United (LD3)13,417
Southend United won 2-0 on aggregate
Halifax Town (LD3)0Wrexham (LD2)22,692
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-2, aggregate 2-2, Wrexham won 3-2 on penalties
Hartlepool United (LD3)0Bolton Wanderers (LD1)33,185
Bolton Wanderers won 4-0 on aggregate
Hull City (LD3)0Stockport County (LD1)03,480
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, aggregate 2-2, Hull City won on away goals rule
Ipswich Town (LD1)5Exeter City (LD3)17,952
Ipswich Town won 6-2 on aggregate
Lincoln City (LD2)0Bradford City (LD1)13,066
Bradford City won 2-1 on aggregate
Mansfield Town (LD3)1Huddersfield Town (LD1)12,936
Huddersfield Town won 4-3 on aggregate
Millwall (LD2)1Birmingham City (LD1)14,478
Birmingham City won 3-1 on aggregate
Norwich City (LD1)1Swansea City (LD3)013,146
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, Norwich City won 2-1 on aggregate
Oxford United (LD1)1Luton Town (LD2)35,099
Luton Town won 5-4 on aggregate
Portsmouth (LD1)3Plymouth Argyle (LD3)25,479
Portsmouth won 6-3 on aggregate
Preston North End (LD2)0Grimsby Town (LD1)05,650
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, aggregate 0-0, Grimsby Town won 7-6 on penalties
Rochdale (LD3)0Wigan Athletic (LD2)11,697
Wigan Athletic won 2-0 on aggregate
Scunthorpe United (LD3)1Blackpool (LD2)12,211
Blackpool won 2-1 on aggregate
Shrewsbury Town (LD3)4Bristol City (LD1)31,011
Bristol City won 7-4 on aggregate
Sunderland (LD1)2York City (LD2)122,695
Sunderland won 4-1 on aggregate
Watford (LD1)1Cambridge United (LD3)16,817
Cambridge United won 2-1 on aggregate
Wolverhampton Wanderers (LD1)5Barnet (LD3)015,296
Wolverhampton Wanderers won 6-2 on aggregate
Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)2Swindon Town (LD1)02,478
Wycombe Wanderers won 3-2 on aggregate
Wednesday, 19th August 1998
Brighton & Hove Albion (LD3)1Northampton Town (LD2)11,291
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-0, Northampton Town won 3-2 on aggregate
Manchester City (LD2)7Notts. County (LD2)110,063
Manchester City won 9-1 on aggregate
Stoke City (LD2)1Macclesfield Town (LD2)06,152
Macclesfield Town won 3-2 on aggregate
Tuesday, 25th August 1998
Crystal Palace (LD1)2Torquay United (LD3)16,872
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Crystal Palace won 3-2 on aggregate
Wednesday, 26th August 1998
Queens Park Rangers (LD1)3Walsall (LD2)15,052
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Queens Park Rangers won 3-1 on aggregate
Reading (LD2)2Peterborough United (LD3)09,151
Reading won 3-1 on aggregate
1st Round 1st Leg
Tuesday, 11th August 1998
AFC Bournemouth (LD2)2Colchester United (LD2)03,745
Barnet (LD3)2Wolverhampton Wanderers (LD1)13,181
Birmingham City (LD1)2Millwall (LD2)014,133
Blackpool (LD2)1Scunthorpe United (LD3)01,873
Bolton Wanderers (LD1)1Hartlepool United (LD3)06,429
Bradford City (LD1)1Lincoln City (LD2)14,481
Bristol City (LD1)4Shrewsbury Town (LD3)03,585
Bury (LD1)1Burnley (LD2)13,927
Cambridge United (LD3)1Watford (LD1)03,073
Exeter City (LD3)1Ipswich Town (LD1)13,233
Fulham (LD2)2Cardiff City (LD3)14,305
Huddersfield Town (LD1)3Mansfield Town (LD3)23,988
Leyton Orient (LD3)1Bristol Rovers (LD2)12,663
Luton Town (LD2)2Oxford United (LD1)33,165
Macclesfield Town (LD2)3Stoke City (LD2)12,963
Northampton Town (LD2)2Brighton & Hove Albion (LD3)13,390
Notts. County (LD2)0Manchester City (LD2)25,795
Oldham Athletic (LD2)3Crewe Alexandra (LD1)23,766
Peterborough United (LD3)1Reading (LD2)12,187
Plymouth Argyle (LD3)1Portsmouth (LD1)34,380
Port Vale (LD1)1Chester City (LD3)23,478
Rotherham United (LD3)0Chesterfield (LD2)13,142
Sheffield United (LD1)3Darlington (LD3)15,035
Southend United (LD3)1Gillingham (LD2)02,509
Stockport County (LD1)2Hull City (LD3)23,134
Swansea City (LD3)1Norwich City (LD1)13,803
Torquay United (LD3)1Crystal Palace (LD1)13,042
Tranmere Rovers (LD1)3Carlisle United (LD3)05,116
Walsall (LD2)0Queens Park Rangers (LD1)03,691
West Bromwich Albion (LD1)2Brentford (LD3)18,460
Wigan Athletic (LD2)1Rochdale (LD3)02,252
Wrexham (LD2)0Halifax Town (LD3)22,655
York City (LD2)0Sunderland (LD1)26,277
Wednesday, 12th August 1998
Grimsby Town (LD1)0Preston North End (LD2)03,008
Scarborough (LD3)0Barnsley (LD1)13,064
Swindon Town (LD1)2Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)14,626